Clients have included: 

- Museums 


 - Councils 

- Heritage Trusts 

- Churches 

- Women's Institute 

- Egyptology Societies 

- Departments of Adult Education 

- History Societies 

- Probus

Some of the subjects I can offer a talk on: 

- Welsh History 

- Nos Calan Gaeaf 

– A Welsh Halloween 

- Welsh customs and superstitions 

- The Sin-Eater in Wales 

- Daniel James 

– The Story of Calon Lan  

 - Discovering Oystermouth Cemetery, Mumbles 

- Walking tour of Oystermouth Cemetery 

- Folklore of Wales Egyptology 

- Conservation to Storytelling

 - Unwrapping the Past: Egyptian Mummies and the Victorians

 - The Reverend William MacGregor and the Egypt Centre

 - The Tutankhamun Legacy 

- The Reverend William MacGregor and his Egyptian Collection 

- Rediscovery: researching the modern history of artefacts

 - The exhibiting of Egyptian mummies during the Nineteenth Century

 - Provenance: Why Bother? 

- The Story of Hell 

- Death and the Ganges 

- The Day of the Dead 

- Discovering Symbolism in the Cemetery 

- How to read a Cemetery 

My fee is usually £35 for an hour's talk. Travel expenses may apply depending on distance. 

Please contact me if you would like me to deliver a talk at